Title Insurance

What we do:

We provide services to buyers, sellers, real estate developers, builders, mortgage lenders and others who have an interest in the real estate transfer. Orlando title companies make sure that the transfer of title takes place efficiently and that your interests as a home buyer are protected under the terms and conditions of the policy.
Title insurance is different from many other types of insurances (casualty, auto, etc.). These other types of insurances assume risks by providing financial protection for losses arising from an unforeseen future event such as a fire, theft, or accident. In (or with) title insurance, risks are examined and mitigated before the property changes hands.

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is an agreement to indemnify against damage or loss from a defect in title as evidenced by a policy of title insurance to a specific parcel or real property. Following a search and examination of public records and in exchange for a premium paid, title insurance companies will assume the risk that title to a parcel of real property is as stated to be in the policy of title insurance.

Types of Title Insurance (Policies)

Owner’s Policy

Insures an owner of any type of real property against loss by reason of those matters covered under the policy of insurance for as long as they own the property. There are several versions of each policy. Consult with your Real Estate Professional to determine which policy is best for you.

Lender’s Policy

Insures the priority of the lender’s security interest over claims that others may have in the property.

Risks Covered By Title Insurance Policy

The following are risks covered by title insurance policy (subject to insuring provisions and the conditions and stipulations):

  • Someone else owns an interest in your title.
  • Someone else has rights affecting your title arising out of leases, contracts or options.
  • Someone else claims to have rights affecting your title arising out of forgery.
  • Someone else has an easement on the land.
  • Someone else has a recorded right to limit your use of the land.
  • Someone else has a recorded lien or encumbrance on your title.
  • You are forced to correct or remove an existing violation of any covenant, condition or restriction affecting the land.
  • You are unable to obtain a building permit, because of an existing violation of a subdivision law or regulation affecting the land.
  • You are forced to correct or remove the violation, because of an existing violation of a subdivision law or regulation affecting the land.
  • Because of an existing violation of a subdivision law or regulation affecting the land: Someone else has a legal right to, and does, refuse to perform a contract to purchase the land, lease it or make a mortgage loan it.
  • You are forced to remove or remedy your existing structures, or any part of them, because any portion was built without obtaining a building permit.
  • You are forced to remove or remedy your existing structures, or any part of them, because they violate an existing zoning law or zoning regulation.
  • Your existing improvements made after the policy date, including lawns, shrubbery or trees, are damaged because of the future exercise of a right to use the surface of the land for the extraction development of minerals, water or any other substance.
  • Someone else tried to force a discriminatory covenant, condition or restriction.
  • A document upon which your title is based is invalid because it was not properly singed, sealed, acknowledged, delivered or recorded.
  • The residence with the address shown is not located on the land

Client Testimonials

Prominence Title is an exceptional team. They go above and beyond while making sure everything is in order for a smooth closing. I can always depend on Prominence Title to deliver 5 Star customer service to my clients.

Nanette S. Pinnacle Homes

I enjoy working with the guys at Prominence Title and Escrow. The reason being that they are good at what they do and that makes my life simpler. They keep my sellers informed about the closing process and my sellers like them and that in turn makes me look even better. They will come to my office or sellers home for the closings which again makes life easier for everybody involved. I think that it is a no brainer to deal with a professional company that facilitates me having an easier life.

Eugene B. Broker/Owner, Bellew Real Estate

I have been working with Prominence Title for over seven years now and they are a trusted vendor for my business. Always very professional willing to do whatever it takes to ensure timely closings. The staff will go above and beyond their job description to ensure everyone is happy and no details are missed. I highly recommend them to anyone running a successful real estate business!!

Chris B. The Pinnacle Realty Group @ Keller Williams

Prominence Title & Escrow, LLC adds value to my real estate service package by streamlining the closing process. Their team understands how to provide a high level of service is a positive way. It's always a pleasure to work with their staff and I know the job will be done right! I have done closings and short sales with them for over 7 years and will continue doing business with them for years to come!

Kelly M. Realtor & Investor